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Specialist in supplying Robot Coupe spare parts, Accessories, Food preparation machines, commercial food processors .

Catering Machines

BBS ltd, accredited suppliers of Robot coupe catering equipment and food processing equipment to caterers, food producers, Restaurants and schools. BBS ltd are specialist in supplying Parts, quickly, We supply catering equipment to many schools, local goverment and councils on a proforma invoice basis. Please feel free to browse the  catering machines catalogue or fully secure online shop , We stock a range of common parts at our warehouse and can usually get deliveries to customers quickly. If there is any questions you would like to ask our trained staff about Catering machines or food processing solutions - please ring 01252 727755 or email click here

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Robot Coupe Food Processor parts

Catering machines supply the full range of Robot Coupe food processors the  range (13 models) will satisfy all the catering Professionals requirements for establishments serving from 10 to 400 covers. It will be a reliable and time saving investment, They easily chop, grind, knead, mix and thanks to their complete selection of discs which grate, slice, julienne and some models dice and make straight French fries to perfection. They can perform any number of tasks, which you will gradually discover as you use them. There is a Robot coupe food processor model for all catering uses including large catering machine for food manufacturers. All food processor machines are supplied with s blades, knifes, bowls, discs, and all Robot coupe food processor parts kept in stock. We also supply Magimix food processors for smaller restaurants and cafes.

Robot Coupe Blender mixer - Blixer parts 

Robot Coupe Blixer machines combine the features of two well-known appliances – the bowl cutter and the blender mixer. Ideal for creating superb sauces, mousses and purees, Blixers are quick, efficient, easy to handle and incredibly robust. Ideal for Hospital, Geriatric, Hotel, Restaurant catering or Food research testing. The Blixer will bring you the complete answer to your puréeing and blending needs. The Blixer is ideal for soft feeds, pâtés, mousses, etc. or food preparations that require that little extra care, the stainless steel blender range, with stainless steel bowls, sabatier knives with leak proof lid,  with full range of blixer spares available.

Robot Coupe Bowl cutter spares

Robot coupe Vertical Cutter Mixers (VCM's) are high speed, versatile food processors.  Bowl cutter are the basic ‘must-have’ for every professional kitchen. Designed to process all types of food, they will mix, grind, chop, knead and puree with precision, there is a large range available from the R2 with a 2.5 litre bowl  for up to 20 covers to the floor standing cutter mixers for soup, emulsion, puree, chopping with 60 litre bowl for up to 3000 covers for a hospital kitchen, school catering or food manufacturing use. Large range of bowl cutting machines for all types of chopping stuffing’s, emulsions, kneading and grinding. Bowls, lids, blades and other bowl cutter parts accessories stocked.

Robot Coupe Commercial Juicer Parts

The Robot Coupe Juicer, Masticator or high speed sieving separating machines are Ideal for sieving soups and bisques, making vegetable purées and terrines, they are also used for automatic soft fruit juicing, pulping and separation of skins or pips used in for jam making equipment for preserves, jam, marmalade. Juicing for all fruits removes citrus fruit skins from juice, also used for producing professional purées for use in sorbets, ice creams and for separating fish bones from cooked fish. Full range of commercial juicing spare parts available.

Robot Coupe Commercial Stick blender parts.

the closest yet to absolute hand blending perfection. There is three groups of  hand blenders, mini range of stick blenders ideal for small capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis. There are the Robot Coupe Stick blenders MMP mini range. The CMP hand blender or compact range then there is the MP or standard range for use on up to 300 litre capacities of emulsions, sauces and coulis some models with whisks.  Stick blenders or hand blender range features stainless steel blades and foot for ease of use ideal for caterers for use on up to 300 litre capacities of emulsions, sauces, coulis and some models with whisks. Stick blender spares available

Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation machine.

Vegetable preparation machine is a remarkable piece of commercial kitchen technology that will make food preparation an enjoyable experience. Whatever your requirements in vegetable preparation, we can supply the machine for the job. With Veg prep machine outputs ranging from 70 to 900 kgs per hour, a wide selection of robo coup discs and grids, and speciality hoppers for some models, food preparation can be completed in a matter of minutes with little effort. The commercial veg prep machines can perform a range of tasks including slicing, grating, shredding, julienne, French fry cutting, stir fry preparation and some dicing machines. With machines ranging from 10 covers to 3000 covers for large hospitals kitchens or food producers models CL20, CL30, CL50, CL52, CL55 and CL6 and discs, veg prep attachments, sling plates or with full range of veg prep parts stocked.

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Robot Coupe ice cream maker parts.

Ice cream machines are designed considering the space requirements of professional kitchens and workshops. In fact, they are perfect for any size requirements. All robot coup ice cream makers models in this line feature a simple, practical and elegant design, which are all strong and robust styling, well known to many professional chefs. The blending quality is excellent and gives dense, creamy products such as ice cream, mousse, chilled cream recipes and other dishes. Also supplied is a full range of professional ice cream maker parts.

Musso ice cream machine parts.

Musso ice cream machines are designed for commercial ice cream making of ice cream, sorbets bombes and frozen drinks, the models Musso piccolo, Musso pola, Musso stella, Musso club, Lussino or consul stainless steel Ice Cream Maker produce ice cream in less than 30 minutes. These commercial Italian ice cream machines have a self-contained freezer compressor, which enables a variety of homemade frozen desserts to be made with a quick turn-around time between batches. Full range of Musso parts including lids paddles or gearwheels are available.

Commercial catering, catering machine Parts

BBS ltd is a company that prides itself on its service to its many customers, and providing spare parts for all  food prep, food processors and attachments. With many years of experience, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of all Robot Coupe Food processor with Robot coupe spares, parts and accessories. Our valued customers find this is an important part of that top quality service. We can also supply Magimix parts.

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